What Good User Experience Design Isn’t.

What Good User Experience Design Isn’t.

Whether creating an application, website or software, the goal for designing a good user experience, is to create an easy to use and emotionally appealing interface.  With great responsibility, comes great power and there are those who manipulate this power to get you, the user, to do what they want you to do.

Harry Brignull is a UK based user experience designer, with a PhD in cognitive science.  He is dedicated to, in his words, “naming and shaming websites that use deceptive user interfaces.” He calls these, Dark Patterns and in addition to this article on Verge, he has a website to record the many examples.

I dug this article because he summarizes nicely what a crafty designer can do to confuse the user, complicate settings, and misdirect you in all sorts of ways.  If you’d like to see some examples of good interface design patterns, here is a link to an aggregate of top UI Pattern resources.