You’ve got a project in mind, you landed some funding and now you need to build a team…  What’s the difference between a UX designer and a UI developer?  What will years of experience bring to the table over youth and enthusiasm?  Designing the user’s experience requires a broad knowledge base on a topic that is ever evolving in a field that is constantly changing.  There are soooo many useful tidbits scattered across the internet, I want to record and organize for you, what I find to be the most important stuff.

Code & Ethics

It’s this author’s opinion that transparency in social media is very important.  I plan to use this site to gain your trust not only to network my ability as a UX Designer but also to increase people’s understanding of what designing the User’s Experience is.  By learning from the mistakes of others, we know that a lack of full transparency can damage your online reputation – for someone who makes their living designing technology, this is an unacceptable risk.  You’ll get nothing by the straight goods and my honest opinions.  I hope you will ask questions and provide feedback on what topics they find most interesting or want to know more about.

Except, we all know the world is full of haters, if for some reason I receive comments which I deem inappropriate to the professional tone of this site – I will delete it.  For this reason and for the privacy of social media users, certain limitations to transparency can be expected.


As this is a professional site, dedicated to sharing knowledge – I’ll adopt an informer type personality to this site.  Likely, a sprinkling of humour and witticisms will shine through as I’m a person who like to laugh.  Who doesn’t like to laugh?  I expect my audience to be made up mainly of lurkers and possibly other informers – who I hope will share what they know as well.  A similar personality I’d like to emulate in this social media campaign is web designer Brad Frost (@Brad_Frost), he is direct, professional, efficient and injects his creativity and personality into his web site.  His catch phrase is, “Work hard.  Share what you know.  Don’t be an asshole.”  Words to live by.

Another personality type I’d like to emulate is passion for what I do.  I love what I do and it’s a job that is not yet defined and covers a broad skill set that isn’t easy to learn in a school.  For example, Whole Foods Markets show sincere passion for what they do in every recipe they post.  They truly want their customers to enjoy a healthier lifestyle through eating better.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Rae, I love Brad Frost’s words to live by. I think everyone should adopt that mantra. What good is having knowledge if you don’t share it?

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